Life, and NDPH

8 years

1 month from today marks 8 years living with NDPH.  To say that it has become a part of me would be an understatement, though life has not ceased to be really, really great.

2 months ago today I married the man of my dreams.  So I am a wife, a student, a homemaker, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  I am not my diagnosis, though some days it feels that way.

I am still looking into Nerve Decompression Surgery, as well as making an appointment for Botox Injections.  I went to a new doctor who gave me yet another pain block, which did not prove any more successful than the first 6 I’ve had done.

I am not on here much because it feels quiet and lonely, but some days it is nice to just vent, because I only vent in my own heart and not to my loved ones or anyone really.

Thanks for reading!


Update: It’s been a while…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.

I guess it feels good to get the things off my chest that feel bottled in my mind.  I can talk to those in my life about it, I just choose not to.  I’m not sure why?  I don’t want to be a pain or a nag I suppose.

My pain level has been manageable lately.  I try to get to bed every night around at least 10:30pm.  I feel like this has helped a lot.  I also have gone down to working weekends only, and have moved back home since.  A lot of changes have happened lately, but I do feel less stressed.  Maybe this is helping.

I am looking into acupuncture as well as oxygen therapy, two things I’ve yet to try in my going on 8 year adventure with this monster.

Have any of you tried either of these? Or the Botox injections for migraines that have recently been approved by the FDA? The risks and side effects are frightening…

Well that’s all for now.

Email anytime day or night –

– Nichole


This past week has been the worst in a very long time… The pain is intense and it is making me so nauseous. Of course I have finals the next 2 days and only one day off work next week…

Sometimes I wish I could fall sleep and not wake up for a whole month, or however long it takes my body to fix whatever it is that is wrong and be pain FREE.

I don’t know if anyone is out there, or reading this, but I thought maybe venting would help tonight. I feel like I am a prisoner in my own body and I don’t know why.

– Nichole

About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Nichole. I am a big sister, daughter, soon-to-be-wife, student, worker, and a chronic daily headache sufferer. (6 years going on 7 with NDPH to be exact.)

I’m sorry that you have a reason to be here, but my hope is that you can share your story and read about others who are going through similar situations, feelings, struggles, pains, and triumphs as you.  It is a daily struggle for me but I have found some comfort recently in a blog about living with NDPH and I thought maybe I could be of help as well.

Please feel free to post your story or any questions you may have here, or if you want to contact me directly don’t hesitate to email.


As always, Bless you and I wish relief from your pain.

– Nichole